SOA Manifesto Translators


Anthony Assi Anthony Assi has intensive experience in large scale Web architectures and Information systems. He is currently working as a Senior Cloud Computing Consultant at Logica in Paris, creating value by successfully integrating people, business and technology to create effective, sustainable business ecosystems. Before joining Logica, Anthony worked for 5 years in the Research industry, first at the famous French national institute for research in computer science and control (INRIA) in the field of High Performance Computing (HPC) applied to bio-informatics and bio-technologies. During his stay at INRIA he participated in many R&D projects boosting the transfer of high-end technologies from the research domain to the user community. He taught courses in parallel computing at the University of Rennes 1, published and presented many articles in international journals and conferences. Then at Thales Group, a global technology leader for the aerospace, space, defense and security; he integrated the Research and Innovation unit, where he helped develop global security technologies for the civil and military domain. He managed and developed innovative projects around security and cloud computing, submitted a patent, and led a core technology activity around High Performance/Scalability/Availability of Critical Information Systems based on SOA standards. Anthony holds a Masters in Computer Science from the ESIB Engineering School where he graduated top of class.


Jean_paul De Baets Jean-Paul De Baets is Integration Architect at FEDICT, the organisation in charge of the initiation, implementation and assistance of e-government projects for the Federal Government of Belgium. He initiated the Federal Service Bus Program by defining the vision and the requirements and is the technical lead on the project. The FSB is an implementation of the Enterprise Service Bus pattern enabling different government agencies to exchange information using SOA concepts. In addition to the technical platform, an important part of this project was to define and implement a SOA governance program, in other words, to define the processes, organisation and supporting tools to enable Fedict to correctly manage its web services. Jean-Paul is also lead architect for various large e-gov projects and provides technical expertise to other government agencies around SOA, Web Services, BPM and EAI. Prior to Fedict, Jean-Paul worked as a consultant for Cap Gemini, Forté Software and Sun Microsystems.


Yves Chaix Yves Chaix is an IT Consultant living in Nicaragua and specializing in eGovernment and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) systems and solutions. Yves is currently pursuing his SOA Certified Professional (SOACP) designation and also acts as the moderator for the LinkedIn Group dedicated to the “Prentice Hall Service-Oriented Computing Series from Thomas Erl”.
Yves co-authored the Spanish SOA Manifesto and the Spanish version of the Annotated SOA Manifesto, and is currently working with a group of French and Belgian SOA experts to author the French versions of these documents. Yves is also responsible for translating the “SOA Principles of Service Design” book into Spanish and actively performs translations of SOA design patterns for the community site.


Leonid Felikson Leonid Felikson has over 25 years of experience in software design, development, and implementation of large scale enterprise distributed systems, including consultation for both the government and private sectors. He is a Certified SOA Architect and Certified SOA Trainer with a diversified background in information systems, enterprise architecture and service-oriented architecture. For the past 11 years, his focus has been on distributed computing; systems analysis, design, and integration; web services patterns and technologies; and service-oriented architecture and practices. Mr. Felikson has extensive hands-on experience in product development and architecture in the software industry and he is a named expert in the field of distributed computing. He is a thought leader in providing the best solutions in IT strategy and in developing and utilizing SOA adoption enterprise-scale programs and SOA roadmaps. He is an innovator in establishing practices of modeling, designing, developing, and deploying services, performing both leadership and technical roles in delivering enterprise-scale applications and business process integration implementations.
Mr. Felikson devotes his time to knowledge sharing and education, mentoring and evangelizing SOA concepts and SOA practices. He has taught courses and seminars on the principles of operating systems and computer programming, as well as database concepts and design, data structures and algorithms, and software architecture and methodologies at a variety of public and private organizations. Mr. Felikson has extensive teaching experience, working with a variety of schools and colleges, including serving as faculty at Johns Hopkins University for the last 10 years. He has developed curricula and taught courses within the CS and IST graduate programs at JHU. Since 2005, Mr. Felikson has been a contributing member of WS-I (, participating and contributing to the development of the WS-I Basic Profile 1.2 and the WS-I Reliable Secure Profile 1.0. He is also a member of the SOA Education Committee ( Mr. Felikson received his B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from the Ural Polytechnic Institute, in Russia.


Florent Georges Florent Georges is a freelance IT consultant in Brussels and London who has been involved in the XML world for more than 11 years and is a recognized expert within the XSLT and XQuery communities. Soon after discovering Web services, he had the opportunity to work with them for several years with major European institutions and companies in the financial and IT consultancy sectors in Brussels and London, such ING and Atos Origin. In 2008, Florent won the SOACP contest by tying for the highest score among all participants in a series of certification workshops associated with the 2008 International SOA Symposium. As a result, Florent received his SOA Architect certification with the special "Top Gun" designation. He runs his own company, H2O Consulting, and is member of the XSLT working group at W3C.


Laurens van Berge Henegouwen Laurens van Berge Henegouwen (1964) is SOACP Architect and works as a senior software engineer at Equens SE. There he has a role in the realisation of service oriented solutions. With a small team he established a basic service-oriented infrastructure and provided several successful solutions. This team uses an ESB solution, BPM and service composition techniques to rapidly provide new functionality, based upon existing, service-based functionality. Equens SE is a successful payment processor in the European financial world.


Iván Alfonso Guarín V. Iván Alfonso Guarín V. is a Systems Engineer and Magister on Informatics, with extensive experience as independent consultant on interoperability and integration on business and IT. He has worked on different projects like banking, public services, enterprise architecture, international and national standards, from public and private organizations. Also, He is working now as project manager for advanced projects introducing new IT topics from Software engineering, SOA, cloud computing, BPM, Enterprise Architecture; by the way, He has been invited as speaker for national and international events, and teaching different topics at major universities. Besides, He works with different technical groups like XML, XBRL, SOA, and standards on financial and educational systems. Besides, he also had been working on standardization technical groups and process for e-government standards. (See
With his partner, Sandra Milena Barón N., expert for Organizational Agility, The Art of Negotiation and Business Modeling in large projects, compressed two world-leading experts on Business and IT projects (see


Nicolai Josuttis Nicolai Josuttis is one of the word-leading independent experts for bringing SOA into operation. As a system architect, technical manager, and consultant, he is working for large international companies in different domains to realize their SOA strategy. Some of these companies have up to 10 million mission-critical service calls per day. He speaks and writes with authority (being the author of 'SOA in Practice' and other books such as 'The C++ Standard Library') and provides inhouse trainings in German and English. He is one of the authors of the SOA manifesto.
With his partner, Jutta Eckstein, expert for agility in large and global systems, you will find two world-leading experts for the successful realization of large and distributed IT projects (see


Dirk Krafzig Dirk Krafzig has been dealing with the challenges of enterprise IT and distributed software architectures throughout his entire working life. He devoted himself to SOA in 2001 when he joined Shinka Technologies, a start-up company and platform vendor in the early days of XML-based Web services. Since then, Dirk has acquired a rich set of real world experience with this upcoming new paradigm both from the view point of a platform vendor and from the perspective of software projects in different industry verticals. Writing the book Enterprise SOA was an issue of personal concern to him as it provided the opportunity to share his experiences and many insights into the nature of enterprise IT with his readers. Today, Dirk works for SOAPARK, applying the guiding principles outlined in this book. Dirk has a Ph.D. in Natural Science and an MSc in Computer Science. He is married, farther of two kids, and lives in Dusseldorf, Germany.


Arco Keijzer Arco Keijzer has been a SOA practioner since 2001, when he started being involved in IT projects for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. It came natural after becoming focused on IT integration while working as consultant for Cap Gemini.

The airline industry, being one of the first industries to adopt large scale automation and having to deal by nature with many locations, is not new to distributed systems communicating by means of events and services.

Today Arco is working for Air France KLM as an IT architect / consultant in a multidisciplinary team with the goal to mature the airline (its businesses and its IT community) in SOA; setting standards, selecting products, supporting projects, dealing with multiple IT platforms and many business domains.

Arco holds a MSc in Chemical Engineering from Delft University of Technology. He is married, father of three, and lives close to The Hague in the Netherlands.


Johan Kumps Johan Kumps is a SOASchool Certified SOA Architect - Analyst at RealDolmen, a Belgian consultancy organisation based near Brussels. For several years Johan has been involved in the service oriented analysis and design phase of several Service Oriented Architectures for both Flemish and Belgian Federal Government . .

In this statute Johan designed the Federal Service Bus (FSB) platform for the Belgian Federal Government using Oracle technology. The FSB is an implementation of the Enterprise Service Bus pattern enabling different government divisions to exchange information using SOA concepts. Currently Johan is fulfilling the roles of SOA Architect and SOA Analyst in several SOA projects. Thanks to his everlasting interest in new things and taking what he's doing to the next level, Johan came across Semantic Web technologies a few years ago. Some time ago he realized that this new approach to the Web was becoming more and more mature. Johan started his own investigation and rapidly came across some colleagues that had already been investing time in this matter. No further convincing was necessary to make Johan see that he needed to sink his teeth in the combination of semantic technologies and service oriented principles. As a committee member of the JBoss ESB project, he started with the implementation of Semantic SOA features in the JBoss ESB platform.


Brian Lokhorst Brian Lokhorst, SOACP has recently worked as a solution architect for the Dutch Customs. He helped develop the solution architectures for a new Declarations Management System, a new Tariff System and a new workflowsystem for Fysical Inspections for the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (DTCA). All these solution architectures were ‘service oriented’ developed. Before that he worked as an integration-technology architect in the program responsible for getting the DTCA transformed into a service oriented organization, with a special focus on Web services and the use of ESB-technology for its technical implementation. Before that he was responsible as technical team lead and senior infrastructure developer for the B2B-integration implemented with Web services and ESB-technology between two government agencies. Before that he was responsible for developing the ICT-service portfolio architecture and the architecture of software factories for the DTCA.

Brian is a Certified SOA Architect and IBM Certified RUP 7.1 Solution Designer. Brian holds an MSc in Business Economics & ICT from the University of Groningen and a BSc in International Business Economics from the School of Business and Economics at Windesheim University. Brian was a contributor for the SOA Design Patterns book where he provided research materials that helped establish relationships between SOA design patterns and previously documented enterprise integration patterns. Brian has been participating as a technical reviewer for the Modern SOA Infrastructure: Technology, Design, and Governance title. Brian further helped develop Enterprise Architecture (EA) description language called 'Archimate' in 2004. Archimate has been released to the 'Open Group' as official standard by June 2008. Brian was a speaker at the 2nd International SOA Symposium 2009, where he discussed the practical use of SOA design patterns at the DTCA. Later on full coverage of this footage was made available through


Mario Moreno Mario Moreno is a Project Director and International Expert on SOA and Agile Practises. He works for LOGICA Management Consulting Company and manages the Skill Centers on IT Strategy, SOA Governance and Agile Methods. He’s also the author of the Logica GO-ON Service-Oriented Enterprise Methodology used by many companies such as the French Ministry of Defense. Responsible of LMC International SOA Methodology, he is involved in many Projects as International Expert for defining SOA Program Strategy and Roadmap, Introducing SOA Methodology and Governance, Training and Coaching SOA Business Analysts, Architects, Designers and Developers. He’s responsible of the Logica Consultants SOA training and certification. Mario has 26 years experience on Project and Programme Management, Architecture and Methodology in more than 30 big companies in many sectors: industry, space, banks, insurance, retail, defense. He’s also an expert on IT Strategy, IT Governance and Enterprise Architecture.


Cesare Pautasso Cesare Pautasso is assistant professor in the new Faculty of Informatics at the University of Lugano, Switzerland. Previously he was a researcher at the IBM Zurich Research Lab and a senior researcher at ETH Zurich. His research focuses on building experimental systems to explore the intersection of model-driven software composition techniques, business process modeling languages, and autonomic/Grid computing. Recently he has developed an interest in Web 2.0 Mashups and Architectural Decision Modeling. He is the lead architect of JOpera, a powerful rapid service composition tool for Eclipse. His teaching and training activities both in academia and in industry cover advanced topics related to Web Development, Middleware, Service Oriented Architectures and emerging Web services technologies. For more information, visit


Ricardo Puttini Ricardo Puttini holds a MSc. in Telecommunications (1997) and a PhD in Communication Networks (2004), both from University of Brasília, where he teaches at the Electrical Engineering Department since 1998. During his PhD, Ricardo Puttini spent three semesters in L'Ecole Supérieure d'Életricité (Supelec, Rennes – France), when he started researching on distributed systems architecture and security, which became his main interest area. Ricardo Puttini has more than 12 years of field experience as senior IT consultant at major government organizations in Brazil. He has taught several undergraduate and graduate level courses in service orientation, service oriented architecture and cloud computing. Currently, Ricardo Puttini is responsible for the deployment of the SOA Certification Program (SOACP) in Brazil.


Pethuru Cheliah Raj Pethuru Cheliah Raj has been working as a lead architect in Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Ltd., Bangalore. Before this, he worked as a senior consultant in emerging technologies such as SOA and Cloud Computing in Wipro Technologies, headquartered in Bangalore for three years. He was previously selected as a JSPS Research Fellow and again as a JST Research Scientist to focus on promising and potential IT technologies in two leading Japanese universities for 3 years. Totally Pethuru Cheliah has 8 years of industry experience in integration technologies and middleware. Also he focused on distributed system development technologies such as enterprise Java and Microsoft .NET framework. Currently his research areas include embedded SOA for device-to-device (D2D) integration, Cloud technology for establishing sensor-to-cloud integration, the Internet of Things (IoT) for realizing and sustaining smarter environments (Ambient Intelligence (AmI)), RFID and smart sensor networks (SSNs). He finished the PhD degree in Anna University, Chennai and worked as an UGC-sponsored research associate in the department of computer science and automation (CSA), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He has been contributing well-recognized book chapters in BPM, SOA, Cloud, Ubiquitous Computing, etc. for books edited by internationally acclaimed professors. Finally on his own, he has been writing a comprehensive book on the Internet of Things and its impacts on the human society. He has a personal site at maintained by his wife Sweetlin Reena.


Sanjay Singh Sanjay Singh is a SOASchool Certified SOA Professional. Sanjay is the Vice President Engineering at Rofous with 13 years of experience in the field of building engineering team, project management, design, development and maintenance of software products. At Rofous, Sanjay is responsible for building .NET solution, driving strategic IT goals & process related initiatives. He is a former Development Manager for Microsoft where he was the recipient of the Microsoft IT Pro Innovation Award and the SQL Server Training Award.. Sanjay is immensely passionate about quality – he is a trained PSP Engineer, Certified Scrum Master and has successfully led TSP projects.

Sanjay is one of the official translators of the SOA Manifesto, and holds a Masters in Computing Science and Engineering and a Bachelor of Technology from National Institute of Technology, India.


Tony Shan Tony Shan is a renowned expert and technology visionary working in the computing field for 20+ years with extensive experience and guru-level knowledge on systems designs, architecture engineering, portfolio rationalization, product development, process standardization, and SDLC. Holding three advanced degrees and multiple industry certifications as a chief/enterprise architect, he has directed the lifecycle design and development of large-scale award-winning distributed systems on diverse platforms. He has initiated advanced applied research and prototyping on emerging computing technologies and methodology, and has played a crucial role of a hands-on strategist in leading establishing IT strategies and architecture blueprints, coupled with pragmatic technology roadmaps and enterprise architecture standards/policies, for IT governance and portfolio/asset management in several Fortune 100 international organizations. He serves as a mentor/advisor on leading-edge technologies in various technical committees and advisory boards, and teaches courses as an adjunct professor. In addition to dozens of top-notch refereed technical publications, he has authored over 10 books on next-generation technologies. He is a member of numerous professional associations and honorary society, a frequent keynote speaker and Chair/Panel/Advisor/Organizing Committee in prominent conferences/workshops, an editor/editorial advisory board member of respected IT research journals/books, and a founder of a few user groups and forums.


Stefan Tilkov Stefan Tilkov is co-founder and a principal consultant at innoQ, a consulting firm with offices in Germany and Switzerland. Stefan focuses on enterprise architecture consulting for Fortune 1000 companies, which currently translates to assessing SOA maturity and deriving appropriate steps for a road map towards a service-oriented enterprise. Stefan has been involved in the design of large-scale, distributed systems for more than 15 years, using a variety of technologies and tools ranging from C/C++ and CORBA over J2EE/Java EE and Web Services to REST and Ruby on Rails. In his current work, he is actively participating in SOA projects using both RESTful HTTP as well as the WS-* universe. Stefan is the author of "REST und HTTP" and co-edited the German SOA book "SOA Expertenwissen", has written numerous articles on SOA, Web services and REST and is a frequent speaker at conferences around the world. He is a member of the SOA Manifesto Working Group, the JAX-RS (JSR 311) expert group, and headed InfoQ's SOA queue for several years.


Clemens Utschig Clemens works for Boehringer-Ingelheim's Global Business Services (GBS) as Chief Architect, helping to establish GBS' next gen' business architecture based on service orientation. Before joining BI he worked at the Oracle Headquarters in the United States as platform architect, working with the Fusion Applications development as advisor and supported customers all around the world on their journey towards implementing enterprise-wide SOA. During his platform engineering years, Clemens was responsible for cross product integration, strategic standards as well as a member to the Oracle's SOA platform steering committee, and served on the OASIS TC for Service Component Architecture (SCA).
In 2006 Clemens co-founded the "Masons-of-SOA", an inter-company network founded by architects of Oracle Germany, Opitz, SOPEra (Eclipse Project Swordfish founders) and EDS, with the mission of spreading knowledge, fostering discussion and supporting SOA programs across companies and borders. After 14 articles on advanced SOA topics in the german Java Magazin, a three patterns in Thomas Erl's SOA Design Patterns catalogue, they are currently working on "Next Generation SOA" - slated to release as part of the Service Oriented Computing Series of Prentice Hall for late 2010. Clemens is also a co-author of the SOA Manifesto.


Eduardo Xavier Eduardo Xavier is an IT consultant in Brazil since 1999, whose specialization combines reflection, innovation and communication with Software Product lines & Product Development, Domain Specific Languages, ALM, Grid Computing, Event-based systems, parallel computing and SOA. Founder of, he is helping many companies around the country to engage on agile methodologies and agile management by leverage infrastructure and guidance for them. Bending Bits possesses a range of SaaS products whose solutions are genuinely based on SOA architecture and open standards. Bending Bits helps other SaaS companies in the path to SOA architecture and delivering software products into many different fields such as entertainment, financial, oil, sales and logistics.


Yue Yuan Yue Yuan works as independent IT consultant and is based in Stockholm, Sweden. He has more than 15 years of product development experience in software design and implementation of large scale distributed client-server systems.
Yue has worked on different projects covers gaming, mobile internet and media industry, using technologies and tools such as C++/C#, COM, .NET, SQL, PKI, Web Services and REST. Prominent clients include Ace Interactive, Microsoft Mobile Internet and Emerson Energy. Yue holds B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.


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