SOA Manifesto Signatories

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January 29, 2010
Pablo González


January 28, 2010
Nicolas Destroye


January 27, 2010
Dr. Jeffrey Coble
Northrop Grumman Corporation


January 27, 2010
Andrea Alvarez Rodriguez


January 26, 2010
John Archer


January 26, 2010
Jacob Morake
Mascom Wireless, Gaborone, Botswana


January 23, 2010
Lalatendu Rath
wipro technologies
I believe in the principles set in the SOA manifesto.



January 21, 2010
Dan Tofan
Groningen University
Similar to the agile manifesto, this initiative makes a nice and short synthesis of SOA.


January 19, 2010
Charles Kong
Software AG


January 19, 2010
Roman Harchevnikov
Idea Port Riga


January 17, 2010
Rodrigo S. Teixeira
Bradesco Foundation


January 16, 2010
Martin Ohly
global PLM
SOA = save our architecture


January 16, 2010
Sandeep Raman
Tata Consultancy Services


January 15, 2010
Crystal Clear principles of SOA.


January 14, 2010
Gregory Risch


January 14, 2010
José Patriota
Resource IT Solutions
I would like to tell you that I share your vision about SOA and I am working to evangelize it at Brazilian Market.


January 13, 2010
Mirjana Vitosevic
Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia
Possible way to put fashionable techs in appropriate position.


January 13, 2010
Markus Mazur


January 12, 2010
Einar Guerrero
January 12, 2010
Djamel Djemaoun



January 12, 2010
Vikram Malhotra


January 10, 2010
Marcos Yonamine
Intelligent Software


January 09, 2010
Yannis Despotopoulos
SingularLogic S.A.


January 07, 2010
Brian Jimerson
Avantia, Inc.
The manifesto is a very good articulation of what SOA is. Although architectures are usually a slew of buzz words, explaining the principles and guidances is crucial, and the SOA manifesto does a good job of that.


January 07, 2010
Clerence Foster


January 06, 2010
Diego Pacheco


January 06, 2010
Mahesh Khatri
Kaytek Computer Services Pvt Ltd, India


January 06, 2010
Andreas Hilbig
Cirquent / NTT Data Group
Great, after all those years of SOA projects I'm a bit tired of explaining everyone that SOA is rather about principles than a technology... now I have a perfect summary of those principles. Thanks!


January 06, 2010
Sandil Srinivasan
TIBCO Software Inc.
This is common sense, documented. In total support of the Manifesto.


January 05, 2010
Pratul Choudhary


January 05, 2010
Richard van Schelven


January 04, 2010
Rajeev Ahuja
AE Business Solutions
Congratulations to the authors on this well worded and thoughtful description of values and principles of SOA. Feels great to have this tool to drive what SOA is all abount.


January 03, 2010
Jean-Claude HOCHON


December 31, 2009
Francisco Barguil
Opus Software


December 31, 2009


December 29, 2009
Amit Unde
L&T Infotech
Excellent capture of SOA values and principles !


December 29, 2009
Luca Nadalini
P&T Luxembourg


December 27, 2009
Flavio Clesio
Faculdades Integradas Rio Branco
My name is Flavio, and I would like to make part of this chapter of history of SOA. Regards
December 26, 2009
Douglas Mutart


December 25, 2009
Avi Rosenthal
Independent Consultant


December 23, 2009
Ahmad Alokush


December 23, 2009
J. J. David Mills
Senior Principal Instructor - Oracle University


December 23, 2009
Seshu Raman
enrich IT, Inc.
The SOA manifesto has come in just at the right time, and perhaps enough to prove the fact that SOA is well beyond a fashionable fad. The guiding principles are in fact crisp and clear, and can help us in bringing home the potential of SOA, to our Customers in a much efficient manner.


December 22, 2009
Mohamed Avuliyagani



December 22, 2009
Regine Deleu
Oracle Direct


December 22, 2009
Redson Souza da Silva
Savoir Faire Consultoria e Informática Ltda.


December 22, 2009
Geert-Willem Haasjes
Congratulations to the authors for achieving this well described set of Service-oriented Architecture values.


December 20, 2009
Thomas Børlum


December 19, 2009


December 19, 2009
Joerg Reck
It's OK for me!


December 18, 2009
Thomas Schädler
totally agree


December 17, 2009
Eduardo Zamorano


December 17, 2009
Vinod Sai. G
Infosys Technologies Ltd.
This manifesto definitely does aid us in embarking, on our journey towards SOA. Thanks for putting it so precisely.


December 16, 2009
Germán Correa


December 16, 2009
Keith Link
LINK Technologies, Inc


December 16, 2009
James McGovern
The Hartford
We need to also develop a SOA Security Manifesto...


December 16, 2009
Imra Abdulla
Orbus Software

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