SOA Manifesto Signatories

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April 23, 2010
Elisabeth Baker
CPS Professional Services


April 21, 2010
Vijay Diddekunta (DY)
Bank Of America / Merrill Lynch
Truly amazing to crystalize the SOA concepts... Purist do like, where antogonists hate...


April 21, 2010
Jon Agiato


April 20, 2010
Kim Horn


April 18, 2010
Aditya Yadav
Aditya Yadav & Associates
Our Rincci SOA Methodology is perhaps one of the first methodology that is compliant with the Soa Manifesto values and principles. We would like to sign the soa manifesto and render our commitment to the goal.


April 09, 2010
Marcelo Elias Del Valle
Human Software
SOA is the first approach that deals not only with technical questions, but human ones. IT area will become much bether when IT professionals start to communicate with each other and with their customers in a bether way. SOA is just the first step for this start to happen.


April 04, 2010
Rob greene
Misty Mountain SoftWare


April 01, 2010
Edmund Fliski


March 26, 2010
Gregg Lipson


March 26, 2010
Yves Chaix
Char(i) S.A.


March 19, 2010
Dominique de Waleffe
4D Consult


March 18, 2010
Dean Coulter
In support of more human, humane and effective systems development. Respect and flow.


March 17, 2010
Jim Penney


March 15, 2010
Mark John Buenconsejo


March 14, 2010
Tareq Ayub
Agile Centric Technologies


March 13, 2010
Peter Padd
National E-Health Transition Authority


March 12, 2010
Rubens Gomes
Oi Telemar


March 12, 2010
G. Rogde


March 10, 2010


March 10, 2010
Waldemar Krueger-Zeus
March 09, 2010
John Waldron


March 09, 2010
Mark Vayner


March 09, 2010
Paulo Ricardo B. Mesquita
Independent Consultant and Professor at Uninove
Proud to make part of this group, and I hope to contribute to expand the ideas of this Manifesto.


March 09, 2010


March 08, 2010
Roberto Viana
integration Working Under Architecture
Proud to be part of this manifesto which ratifies the commitment of the SOA architects community to support this way of architecting. -- Roberto Viana, the Netherlands 2010/03/08


March 05, 2010
David Intersimone "David I"
Embarcadero Technologies
I am happy to join the signatory list. Keep up the great work everyone.


March 04, 2010
I really support the ideas expressed on the soa manifesto, because they clearly show the surrounding principles about succesfully SOA projects.


March 03, 2010
Mehdi Tabatabai
Makes sense


March 01, 2010
Saad Rehmani


February 26, 2010
Daniel Guerrero
The right approach for Enterprise Systems aligned with the Organization needs. Again, powerful ideas are based a set of simple and well defined principles.


February 25, 2010
Awel Dico


February 22, 2010
Tomasz Kozlowski


February 21, 2010
Hugo Smitter
IBM Corp



February 18, 2010
Thomas Yamaguchi


February 14, 2010
Marcelo Menezes Neves
SOA brings an entirely new focus to the role of the business analyst.


February 14, 2010
Fabrício Laguna, PMP, CBAP
Expertise Tecnologia
SOA adoption begins with Business Analysis.


February 12, 2010
Eduardo Hashimoto Antunes


February 09, 2010
Edwin R. Poot
Smart Unlimited
SOA is an architectural style, that brings business and IT closer together creating an agile enterprise landscape, keeping you ahead of the pack in your business venture.


February 09, 2010
Oswaldo C. Dantas Júnior
todo! BPO
February 05, 2010
Barry Ruzek


February 04, 2010
Jawad Jari
Quebecor Media



February 01, 2010
Paola Linares


February 01, 2010
Konstantin Böhm
Ancud IT GmbH


January 29, 2010
Pablo González


January 28, 2010
Nicolas Destroye


January 27, 2010
Dr. Jeffrey Coble
Northrop Grumman Corporation


January 27, 2010
Andrea Alvarez Rodriguez


January 26, 2010
John Archer


January 26, 2010
Jacob Morake
Mascom Wireless, Gaborone, Botswana


January 23, 2010
Lalatendu Rath
wipro technologies
I believe in the principles set in the SOA manifesto.



January 21, 2010
Dan Tofan
Groningen University
Similar to the agile manifesto, this initiative makes a nice and short synthesis of SOA.


January 19, 2010
Charles Kong
Software AG


January 19, 2010
Roman Harchevnikov
Idea Port Riga


January 17, 2010
Rodrigo S. Teixeira
Bradesco Foundation


January 16, 2010
Martin Ohly
global PLM
SOA = save our architecture


January 16, 2010
Sandeep Raman
Tata Consultancy Services


January 15, 2010
Crystal Clear principles of SOA.

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