SOA Manifesto Signatories

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September 15, 2010
Paulo Avelar


September 15, 2010
Asher Bond
I believe that service-orientation occurs any time technology is applied for a customer.


September 13, 2010
Henrik Hvid Jensen
Devoteam Consulting



September 12, 2010
Tomás Thoms Huerta / Adaptus EIRL, Chile
In Adaptus we have taken the SOA Manifesto and applied with our customers giving solutions more than the tool, achieving best results.


August 26, 2010
Ricardo Puttini
University of Brasilia / Core Business Inc.
Best practices, best results.


August 23, 2010
Trevor Naidoo


August 20, 2010
Lavinia Bratis


August 09, 2010
Randy Adkins Jr.
Modus21, LLC


August 08, 2010
Daljit Roy Banger
No value derived from reinventing the wheel! - A SOA Manifesto we can all buy into when realisatng projects


August 06, 2010
Mykola Bova


August 05, 2010
Vladimir Alexandrov
Elina-Computer Ltd.
I fully agree with the manifesto, very concise and meaningful


August 03, 2010
Roger Stoffers
Could not agree more! I've also blogged on this in the past to explain how I interpret the manifesto.


August 01, 2010
Frank W. Rahn


July 31, 2010
Tentcho Totev


July 29, 2010
Brian McIndoe
Ekagra Software Technologies


July 29, 2010
Roberto Ferrari


July 28, 2010
Narayana Mandi
SOA is more important today than ever before. This manifesto helps put all of us the same page.


July 28, 2010
I hope this manifesto will help to bring SOA to the next level of enterprise architecture.


July 28, 2010
Andrew Smale
Smart 421
July 27, 2010
Ernesto Garbarino
Tesira Ltd


July 26, 2010
Pierluigi Riti


July 22, 2010
Lloyd Mangnall
Adaptive Techologies


July 21, 2010
Neil Walker
Thank you for providing a clear statement to all and help establish SOA as a practice to which all engineers,practioneers and vendors can align. It is invaluable to be able to join with fellow suppliers, clients and colleagues on clear princples, and to also de-clutter the community from interpretative solutions.


July 21, 2010
Devrim Baris Acar


July 16, 2010
Breno Barros
Stefanini IT Solutions


July 16, 2010
Laurens van Berge Henegouwen
Do, spread the word and lead by example. Look around and learn.


July 14, 2010
Mate Bestek


July 14, 2010
Manoj Sehgal
I have seen confusion around SOA in many organizations. This manifesto is a great way to give a personality to SOA.


July 11, 2010
Pooya Yavari
University of Sussex


July 05, 2010
Luis Diego Rojas


June 24, 2010
José Luiz Berg
I have nothing more to say. Just do it!


June 23, 2010
Dr. Jörn von Holten
Proximity Technology GmbH


June 21, 2010
Steven Kahn


June 13, 2010
Billy Lo
This manifesto provides a great foundation for adopting SOA "the right way." A first step to realizing the benefits of SOA. Thank you.


June 11, 2010
Thomas Evers
Humana Inc


June 07, 2010
Ian Barnes


June 04, 2010
Sameer Jha
Manhattan Associates, Inc


June 01, 2010
John Vujcichj
AsureQuality Ltd


June 01, 2010
Barry Horowitz
Next Generation, Inc
Fundamentally the most sound approach and explanation of how SOA is a viable solution but may not be applicable for every business requirement.
May 28, 2010
Prashanthjee S


May 26, 2010
Peter O'Brien


May 18, 2010
Serge Owona
Software AG


May 14, 2010
Shrikant Mulik


May 12, 2010
César Gálvez M
SOA - good solution


May 12, 2010
Jose Fabricio Rojas
Noteges SL
SOA Rock's!


May 12, 2010
Jorge Alberto Ramirez
I Agree!!!


May 11, 2010
Willy Marroquin


May 11, 2010
Sid Sanyal
Zurich Financial Services
The business needs to adapt & change to reap the benefits of service-orientation, and the traditional IT department needs to endorse and organize to provide these services in an optimal manner. The IT Architect needs to educate, negotiate and mediate the activities that need to be carried out achieve SOA equilibrium.


May 09, 2010
Brian Mikesell
Cardinal Health


May 06, 2010
Arshad Masood
Xelleration LLC


May 06, 2010
Andrew Kevin Bailey
TIBCO Software Inc.
I have been an Enterprise Architect for the past 8 years and I that experienced architects should should share their knowledge for the benefit of the IT industry and their colleagues. I think SOA Manifesto comprises some of the brightest minds in the industry and I would like to support its efforts and contribute my experience.


May 06, 2010
Patrick Sheridan
Dynamic Research Corporation


May 04, 2010
David H Chen


April 29, 2010
Peter O'Keefe
SOA Forever!


April 28, 2010
Christian Schweer
CS Consulting AG
Great work to show the essence of SOA in this simple and short form. I hope, that the manifesto will help the SOA-ideas to survive - however it will be named.


April 28, 2010
Abhijit Karode


April 26, 2010
Ron Batra
Love the effort and thought that went into this.


April 26, 2010
It has been very clear and concise architectral work put in place for IT & Business communit, however I do have one comment on #2 value stmt I believe this could have been framed such as "Proactive over reactive", Just to the fact that sometimes Project specific benefits are more critical than strategic goals. Also although value statement is self explanatory, due to newbies in this area, explanation to some extend would have been better Overall Excellant work !!!


April 23, 2010
Sipos Tamás

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