SOA Manifesto Signatories

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February 15, 2011
Massimo Manzari
Mind - Mercatis srl


February 12, 2011
Puneet Lamba


February 10, 2011
Erwin Lobos


February 08, 2011
Victoria McGloin
I support the SOA manifesto and its guiding principles. I hope to use the manifesto to encourage understanding and adoption of SOA within my organisation. Thank you to the authors for sharing your insight and experience.


February 08, 2011
Robert D. Levy
ASM Research, Inc.


February 05, 2011
Jose Antonio Martinez Medina
Tigo Guatemala


February 04, 2011
Fabio Douek
Independent Consultant


January 30, 2011
Marcelo Sousa Ancelmo


January 22, 2011
michel miotto barbosa


January 20, 2011
Andrew Labrot
Making SOA Work LLC
This is an excellent, succinct explanation of all aspects that must be considered when approaching and incrementally implementing a SOA.


January 19, 2011
Jeremy Lanman
The SOA Manifesto is an extraordinary guide that encapsulates the philosophy and practical realization of service-oriented computing which can be applied in any information technology domain.


January 13, 2011
Giuseppe Mazzotta


January 11, 2011
Richard Attermeyer


January 09, 2011
Alexei Bavrin


January 06, 2011
Philipp Eckert


January 04, 2011
Kostas Flokos


January 02, 2011
johnlouis petitbon


January 01, 2011
Paul Aneja
State of Oregon
These SOA principles are the ones that we EA's have been practicing in industry.


December 30, 2010
George Ntinolazos
Strata Software Ltd


December 30, 2010
Acute-IT Ltd
December 25, 2010
Los Angeles Nissan
We fully support the SOA manifesto


December 22, 2010
Inga Rodzeviciute
The University of Greenwich
My second favorite manifesto since the Agile Manifesto has been released.


December 19, 2010
Vinayak Sathe


December 14, 2010
Kyriakos Akriotis
European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control


December 13, 2010
Ray Brush
Colonial Life


December 13, 2010
Don Pauly


December 09, 2010
Jason Hughes


December 09, 2010
andrew b newallo
Independent Consultant


December 05, 2010
Espen Bergh


November 25, 2010
Helmut Lehner
brightroom innovation


November 24, 2010
Fabiano Damasceno Sousa Falcão
Tribunal Superior Eleitoral - Brazil


November 24, 2010
Kumaravel Natarajan
SOA Manifesto is really helpful to bench-mark SOA vision to implementation


November 24, 2010
Mukundha Madhavan


November 23, 2010
Tomasz Kropiewnicki
Ericpol Telecom


November 23, 2010
Jorge Marcelo Brignardello
Long awaited paradigm of engineering the world as a smarter one.


November 23, 2010
Eirik Mangseth
Independent consultant


November 22, 2010
Ben Wilcock
SOA Growers Limited


November 20, 2010
Luiz Paulo Rocha Yanai
Escala Informática


November 20, 2010
Michael Slinn
Micronautics Research Corporation


November 19, 2010
Arun Aravamudhan
Infosys Technologies Limited
Thank you for the manifesto that (I think) will serve as a firm foundation towards transforming the business. SOA is an imperative that you simply cannot ignore.
November 18, 2010
Vitor Mendes


November 17, 2010
Stavros Isaiadis


November 16, 2010
Henrique Shoiti Fugita
Escala Informática


November 11, 2010
Gregg Lipson


November 11, 2010
Kiet Tran
TUI University
I agree and support the SOA manifesto


November 08, 2010
Jason Dokken
TIBCO Software
SOA and BPM provide a bridge between business and IT, allowing organizations to incrementally modernize their legacy infrastructure. Thanks to the individuals who created this SOA Manifesto. Jason Dokken Principal Global Architect TIBCO Software


November 07, 2010
Gorm Braarvig
Platon A/S


November 07, 2010
Don Simpson
Alliance Business Solutions


November 03, 2010
Dave Michalowicz
The MITRE Corporation


October 28, 2010
Stephen Offenberg
Radiant Systems, Inc.
"Eloquence may be found in conversations and in all kinds of writings; it is rarely found when looked for, and sometimes discovered where it is least expected." -La Bruyère


October 28, 2010
Will Peavy
Orlando CVB


October 28, 2010
Mark M. Davydov, Ph.D.
The concept of SOA was introduced to make life simpler -- loosely coupled interfaces, tighter management and operational controls, encapsulated heterogeneity, etc. But many SOA implementations are becoming more complex than the architectures they're replacing. To achieve maximum benefits from a SOA, it's crucial for organizations to recognize that a fundamental change is needed in terms of how they have designed and implemented different integration solutions for many years.


October 28, 2010
Stoney DeVille


October 26, 2010
Edward Heffernan
Rogers Communications
I concur with the manifesto, its guiding principles and the judgement and experience of its authors.



October 20, 2010
Sopra Group


October 19, 2010
Hervé Gérard
Sopra Group


October 19, 2010
Sopra Group


October 19, 2010
Sixt Jean Marc
Sopra Group
A great initiative that we approve without restrictions


October 19, 2010
Sopra Goup

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