SOA Manifesto Signatories

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August 29, 2011
Pierluigi Riti


August 28, 2011
Ashraf Galal
AG&D Consultants


August 25, 2011
Cesar Vilarim
Solução Informática


August 24, 2011
Rafael Reyes


August 23, 2011
Arvind Kumar


August 18, 2011
Ionel Munoz
The SOA manifesto definitively explain the scope of SOA and provides several guidelines for its implementation. Bravo! I'm in!


August 16, 2011
Peter Cooper
Cooper Sydney


August 04, 2011
Amy Daniels


August 04, 2011
Antonio Bruno


July 18, 2011
José Manuel Padua Oliva
Procesos y Servicios Inteligentes
SOA Architect


July 17, 2011
Eric Bowman
Bobo Company Ltd


July 08, 2011
Bouzid Taleb


July 08, 2011
Konstantin Varov
As chief architector of Diasoft (largest Russian banking software vendor), I completely support this manifesto and use it when develope our new product line (FLEXTERA).


July 04, 2011
Henrique Shoiti Fugita
Escala Informatica


June 30, 2011
Bob Schat


June 13, 2011
Dean Marc Co
I support this manifesto and will spread the word. Great work everyone and keep it up.


June 10, 2011
Anupam Vachaspati
SOA enables lasting, sustainable, evolutionary change where organizations don't have to discard their IP created on legacy technologies but can instead keep them relevant as they deal with a rapidly changing business climate.


June 09, 2011
Christopher Cota
Project And Policy Automation LLC
Well done.


June 08, 2011
Sanjay Singh
Certified SOA Architect


June 07, 2011
Rudy Adams
June 05, 2011
Pamela J. Wise-Martinez
National Nuclear Security Administration
Reducing organizational cost is just the beginning.......creating organizational agility is enterprise architectural nirvana.


May 26, 2011
Ricardo Miranda Santos




May 18, 2011
Jiju (Jay) Nair
The Capital Markets Company (CAPCO)


May 16, 2011
Axel Angeli


May 16, 2011
Martin Nicolas Ausilio
A must read document for any practitioner.


May 15, 2011
Basu Ramanan
The important aspects for every SOA practitioner stated lucidly


May 15, 2011
Juan Correa


May 10, 2011
Jacek Chwalisz


May 10, 2011
Juan Malpica Romo


May 09, 2011
Victoria A Williams
Compusci Tech Systems
I am in complete support of the SOA Manifesto and agree to adhere to its guiding principles.


May 09, 2011
Dave Manning
Idaho Power
Good, solid principles to counter the marketing misinformation around SOA.


May 07, 2011
SRD / LM²O (Ecole Centrale de Lille/Paris)
Very good initiative, I fully agree with the guiding principles


May 05, 2011
Ankit Srivastava
Liberty IT
I am keen follower of emerging technologies and folloowing SOA for more than 6 years now. would like to be the part of initiative



April 27, 2011
Vishnu Mall
I support this SOA Manifesto whole-heartedly and I will strive to contribute to it in a significant manner.


April 25, 2011
Gabriel Nascimento


April 21, 2011
Brent Laufenberg


April 21, 2011
Prasad Jayakumar
Infosys Technologies Limited
April 18, 2011
Anthony O'Hara - Chief Architect


April 14, 2011
Israel Branco


April 14, 2011
Mohamed Shahat


April 12, 2011
cid pimentel
ministerio da saude


April 11, 2011
Evans Fernandes
Artizen Inc


April 08, 2011
Ovace A. Mamnoon


April 05, 2011
Marden Douglas Ervilha Damasio
Caixa Economica Federal


April 02, 2011
Jonathon Luning
Planet Earth Projects, Inc.


April 01, 2011
Henry Molina Noboa
totally agree to the manifesto


April 01, 2011
Sorin Dumitrescu
Integrated Systems Consulting


March 14, 2011
Matthias Fath


March 12, 2011
Valery Maslau
Epam Systems LLC


March 08, 2011
Alixx Skevington FIAP MBCS CITP
EMC Consulting


March 02, 2011
Thank you for providing such manifesto. I fully support it.


February 17, 2011
Tsachi Lutaty
good stuff, but don't stop there, SOA continue to evolve...


February 15, 2011
Massimo Manzari
Mind - Mercatis srl


February 12, 2011
Puneet Lamba


February 10, 2011
Erwin Lobos


February 08, 2011
Victoria McGloin
I support the SOA manifesto and its guiding principles. I hope to use the manifesto to encourage understanding and adoption of SOA within my organisation. Thank you to the authors for sharing your insight and experience.


February 08, 2011
Robert D. Levy
ASM Research, Inc.

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