SOA Manifesto Signatories

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June 03, 2012
Paulo Cesar Coronado
Universidad Distrital Francisco Jose de Caldas


May 31, 2012
drs. Johannes W. van den Bent


May 30, 2012
Sergio Magliulo
I fully support this very clear, well thought out and practical set of principles.


May 25, 2012
Pedro Pires
Link Consulting



May 02, 2012
Kari Laine
If P&C Insurance Company Ltd.


April 29, 2012
Borislav Maric
Blekinge Insitute of Technology
Hello, I was doing assignment regarding SOA and I referred to your manifesto too so I though to give you some support. Best Regards Boris


April 22, 2012
Johnnie Roy Maul
My signing is a representation of commitment from, AppsH2O as a whole. and further, my personal grateful commitment to the concepts of the SOA Manifesto for the advancement of services to humankind, so finally, they may concentrate on the pure dynamically moral force of advancement in IT and/or any scientific field.


April 22, 2012
John C. Dodd
Service orientation is very difficult and needs to have these types of clearly articulated statements that we can go back to and know why we got into this in the first place. This value hypothesis and opportunity for shared services growth takes great commitment that requires persistence and the knowledge that others are truely behind the same mission.


April 16, 2012
Dany Leonardo Martínez Murcia


April 15, 2012
Amit Chawla
Key objectives within the architecture space are to foster re-use, identify duplication, reduce complexity, standardise processes, lower costs, etc. These principles help us go a long way in terms of designing and delivering complex solutions in the ever so tricky business landscape.


April 01, 2012
Karthik Rangaraju


March 27, 2012
Dan Rosanova
West Monroe Partners


March 27, 2012
Todd Weber
First Niagara Bank
striving towards IT maturity ...


March 23, 2012
Kent Kingery
Concept Digital


March 21, 2012
Strafford Walton


March 19, 2012
Marcio Eduardo Santos
Amazing SOA Manifesto!!


March 09, 2012
Greg Hoelzer
TIBCO Software Inc.
I support any and all means that aid in the Practice of SOA!


March 05, 2012
Tauqir Ghani Chaudhry
Tibco Software
SOA Manifesto addresses the issues repeatedly faced in large scale Process Reengineering projects. It addresses the problem from all angles.


March 05, 2012
Paul Jackson
Federal Aviation Administration - SWIM
The Manifesto's Guiding Principles are often quoted as we pursue SOA for the National Airspace System.
March 02, 2012
Ricardo Miranda Santos


February 24, 2012
Delfi Ramirez


February 22, 2012
Reza Ahmadi
Institut of aircraft systems
We are adopting service orientaiton to organize distributed safety critical avionics systems. SOA manifesto helped us to understand the principles of SOA.


February 21, 2012
Phil Kesel


February 17, 2012


February 15, 2012
Guido Chiavaccini
I think this manifesto is crucial to create a clear guideline for a widespread adoption of SOA.


February 15, 2012
Doug Bock
Armedia, LLC
SOA has the potential to unite businesses in constant flux, technologist seeking order, and the controlled chaos that is Agile development. My advocacy grows stronger daily, as does my humility at the task at hand. All in.


February 01, 2012
Kirstan Vandersluis
I have been a long-time supporter of Service Orientation, and the principles contained in the SOA Manifesto. My blog is


February 01, 2012
Daniel Castano


February 01, 2012
I am totally in. Well thought and worded.


January 29, 2012
William McLanachan


January 25, 2012
Michael Hartges
Deutsche Telekom AG
Business and IT goals have be aligned before we design our solutions. Introducing a SOA strategy successfully needs strong leadership on both sides. I really like the way you put that by the six prioritization statements. Thanks!


January 14, 2012


January 10, 2012
Mohamed Z Elbasheer
Oracle Corporation
My signing is in no way representative of, or a commitment from, Oracle Corporation. This is my personal support to this effort.


January 09, 2012
Dobri Boyadzhiev
Bulware Technologies Ltd.


January 08, 2012
Yiftah Ofer


December 12, 2011
Robert D. Schneider
WiseClouds, LLC


December 06, 2011
Sudhakar Nagasampagi
Independent IT & Cloud Consultant cum Trainer
A much required and well thought of manifesto. Interested in becoming a certified SOA Trainer.


December 05, 2011
Kevin Orbaker


December 04, 2011
Read it, liked it. Will support it!
December 02, 2011
Raimond Brookman
Info Support b.v.


November 25, 2011
Steele Price
Digital Dreamshop, LLC


November 23, 2011
Shawn Fitzgerald
Inmar, Inc.


November 21, 2011
Chaminda Peries



November 15, 2011
Karl Kawano
Innovative Services Corporation


November 15, 2011
Lamberto Natalini


November 11, 2011
Prodip K Saha
Saxon Mortgage
SOA needs a roadmap to mature with small but decisive achievable steps or milestones. SOA enables the organization to do more with less resource by reducing the cost of -new development, maintenance and integration. It reduces the cost by eliminating redundancy. SOA can be technology neutral but the choice of technology is important for its implementation. SOA may not have to start with ESB but ESB should be in the roadmap to completely decouple consumers from their service providers.


November 08, 2011
John Koisch
Guidewire Consulting
As a implementer of soa in healthcare for 8 years, I find the "items on the left" to be essential keys to extensibility and real solutions.


November 08, 2011
Paulo Forte


November 03, 2011
Doug Clauder
Oregon Health and Science University
I am interested in applying SOA principles to Business Intelligence architecture.


November 02, 2011
Abdelaziz Skiredj


November 02, 2011
Steve Devo
My signing is in no way representative of, or a commitment from, IBM as a whole. this is my personal support for a very clear, well thought out and practical set of principles.


November 01, 2011
Ken Bucher
Texas Education Agency


October 20, 2011
Michael Sanchez
Sharp Healthcare


October 19, 2011
Olga Rodriguez


October 11, 2011
chakradhar somisetty
GFI Group Inc


October 11, 2011
Vijay Srinivasan
Adrenalin eSystems Private Limited.
I have read the SOA manisfesto and I truly beleive the manifesto in essence captures the spirit of SOA as an architecture style. Therefore the manifesto covers the principles and tenants of Service Orientation and how enables agility in business and transformation of IT assets in organizations. Also it is imperative to note that SOA at its core delivers business value thru adoption of the principles, tenants and application of required technology that enables SOA solutions.


September 30, 2011


September 22, 2011
Sanjay Bhardwaj
MeghDot Edutech Private Limited
I fully support the SOA Manisfesto

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